Team Worklog Reports - Overview

Control access to report and report data. Group by issue fields and time periods. Save favourite reports., Use already predefined reports. Work log data on the fly.


Control access to work log reports 

Use custom permissions to limit access to reports and data on global and project level. Grant access to view reports and grant access to other users data

Advanced filtering and additional fields

Date macros like current/last day/week/quarter/year, custom time periods, projects, users and groups, JQL filter. Configure additional issue fields to be displayed on report like time remaining.

Generated Report Data

Group by many fields, gather data by day/week/month/quarter/year. Export data to external systems.

Convenient work log adding

Add work log in selected day and on behalf of selected user with respect to on Behalf permission

Saved and predefined reports

Use already predefined and save your favourite filters



Following features are not available in the Team Worklog Reports Lite version

  • Work log adding

  • Saved filters

  • Additional fields

See the Difference between Standard and Lite version