Team Worklog Reports - Difference between Standard and Lite version

We have decided to give for free core features of Team Worklog Reports. Some extra features are available in Standard version of the application and let us continue application development.

Please check below table to spot differences

If you are happy with the application consider adding a review or convert to Standard version to appreciate our work


Team Worklog Reports

Team Worklog Report Lite

Subscription model



Group by Issue Fields

Gather Data by Periods

Date Periods Dynamic Macros

Custom Date Periods

Filtering by Projects

Filtering by Users and Groups

Additional Fields

JQL Issue Filter

Predefined Reports

Saved Reports

Add/Edit/Remove Work Log on Report

Log Work on Behalf of a User

Limit Report Access - Global Level

Limit Report Access - Project Level

Limit Report Data View - Global Level

Limit Report Data View - Project Level

Limit Log Work on Behalf - Project Level

Number of Group By fields


up to 3 fields

Time Spent format


Hours and Minutes,



Labels and Custom Labels groupBy fields support

Improved support of time zones


work log author,

current user

current user