Scrum Standup

Scrum Standup plugin for JIRA makes daily reports persistent and available to remote folks.

Features for managers

Follow agile practices

Scrum Standup plugin helps your team to write clear daily standups in a minute. No more excuse for not having daily standup meeting.

Keep standups persistent

Scrum Standup plugin stores your team daily standups for ever. You can go back to check what was done yesterday or week ago.

Keep standups in one place

All standups are available through your JIRA or Confluence. Everyone knows where it is. There is no need for separate system or url.

Work with virtual teams

If your JIRA is available to the remote teams then they can read and write standups as easily as local employees.

Not only for developers

Scrum Standup plugins were designed by developers for developers but they also work well in support and other teams using JIRA.

Features for users

Simple standup creation

Just click the Scrum Standup link from the JIRA top menu and write your daily report.

Link standup to issues

When creating or editing standup, simply select related issues from the list. Linked issues will be accessible wherever standup entry is displayed.

Read project/team standup

Simply go to the project page and select Scrum Standuptab to see today's report from all people involved in the project. Use arrows or calendar icon to navigate to other date.

Read/Review your own standups

If you want to see your own daily standups, just go to your profile page and select Scrum Standup tab. Your today's standup is displayed by default. Use arrows or calendar icon to navigate to other date.

Read standups related to issue

Simply select Linked Daily Standups tab on the issue screen to see all standup entries linked to the selected issue.

Alternative way of standup creation

You can also create standup from the issue screen (top action bar) as well as from the Issue Navigator. Standup entry created this way will be automatically linked with the selected issue.

Email notifications

You can be notified each time when new standup is created or existing one updated. Simply go to yourProfilepage, selectStandups Notificationstab and configure it to your needs.


  • Go to your JIRA administration section.
  • Open Plugins screen and select Install Plugins tab.
  • Type scrum word into search field and press Search button.
  • Expand Scrum Standup for JIRA on the list and press Install button.
  • Once the plugin is installed, click Exit Administration link.
  • Congratulations! Scrum Standup plugin for JIRA is ready - you can create your first standup.