JIRA Setup for Recurring Tasks Cloud plugin


Warning message is displayed that no "Create Issue" permissions is set for addon_com.gebsun.atlassian.rtasks" user


User "Recurring Task for JIRA" user do not have proper permission set for t project(s)


1. Permissions

  1. User "Recurring Tasks for JIRA" is a member of project role "atlassian-addons-project-access" (or other project role, depends on your current configuration)

  2. Project role "atlassian-addons-project-access" (or other project role) need to have following permissions:
    1. Browse Projects
    2. Create Issues
    3. Modify Reporter
    4. Link Issues
    5. Service Desk Agent (only for JIRA with Service Desk installed)

    How to check permissions: 

    1. JIRA Administraton->Projects
    2. Click on selected project
    3. Select "Permissions"
    4. Check all above permissions

 If you want to read more about administering JIRA permissions follow: Configuring Security

2. Screen

Field reporter should be configured on issue create screen

3. Workflow

  1. Check all associated project workflows "validators"

  2. Check "Create Issue" screen

4. Application access

Please make sure that user "Recurring Tasks for JIRA" has granted application access

Please visit Atlassian documentation Manage application access for details