Add recurring task to a sprint

How to add recurring task to sprint

When editing/adding recurring task you are able to decide if an issue created by a recurring task will be added to an Active or Future sprint.

In order to make it happen you have to:

  1. select a Board Name
  2. choose Sprint State (Active or Future)
  3. Sprint Name Pattern (type in simple text or use regular expressions here )


Let's assume that the board is configured with following sprints

Active Sprints
  • ALW Sprint 1 (Active)
Future Sprints
  • ALW Sprint 2 (Future)
  • Evaluation Sprint 1 (Future)
  • Evaluation Sprint 2 (Future)

If you select in recurring task configuration following field values:

Scrum Board: ALW Board

Sprint State: Future Sprint

Sprint Name Pattern: Evaluation

Recurring Task app will choose: Evaluation Sprint 1 (Future) because it is future sprint that matches 'Evaluation' name and it is first on the list.