Getting Started with Recurring Tasks Cloud

Main features of Recurring Tasks

Create Issue:

  1. Based on defined schedule or cron template
  2. For selected project and issue type
  3. With default field values (system and custom fields, check supported issue field types)
  4. Only in selected time range (recurring task valid from, till dates)

When task will be created

You select when task is created by defining occurrence or Cron expression also you define valid from, valid till dates to limit task creation in time.

You can create task that will be created (for example):

    • On Friday every week
    • On 3rd day of every month
    • On 1st of September 
    • Everyday at 8:00 am
    • Every 
      • 2 month
      • 3 years
      • 10 days

Default field values for an issue

Plugin uses the exactly same set of fields you can see when "Creating" an issue in JIRA  (as defined in JIRA for selected project and issue type).

When issue will be created by the plugin all defined field values in by user in task will used to create an issue.

You can define recurring task and validate field values

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