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This is a home page of Issue Checklist documentation. 

You can find a simple overview of the add-on capabilities in paragraphs below on this page.

You can also browse available resources to get an in-depth knowledge of Issue Checklist advanced features.

If you cannot find an answer on the documentation pages, please contact us directly or browse our issue tracker:

  • Send us an email to - our friendly support team will get back to you within 24 hours (average response time is 8 hours).
  • Browser issue tracker for Issue Checklist add-on

Issue Checklist overview

Issue Checklist add-on allows users to add simple ToDo list to an issue and watch the progress when succeeding items from the list are completed.

Simple and polished UI makes it a natural extension of JIRA issue page.

Support for JQL makes it possible to search for issues with active ToDo items or search for item text.




Here are the most important features offered by the Issue Checklist add-on:

 For more examples of how to use Issue Checklist, please browse the following pages.







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