Default Values for 'Create Issue' screen

Create issues faster and improve their quality with default values for "Create Issue" screen

Default Values for JIRA allows to automatically inject predefined content into fields on the Create Issue screen.

Add a hint to Description field and ask reporter upfront for more details of new feature or steps to reproduce the bug.

Default Values add-on for Jira allows to automatically inject predefined values into fields on the "Create Issue" screen.

You can simply add a hint to Description field and ask reporter upfront for more details of the feature or ask for steps to reproduce the bug.

The add-on works with following fields:

  • Description
  • Summary
  • Environment
  • Original and Remaining Estimate
  • Due date
  • Affected and Fix Versions
  • Labels
  • Assignee
  • Components
  • Issue Security
  • Epic Link
  • and some other fields (including wide range of custom fields).

If you need support for other field types then please drop us a line.

Default values can be configured separately for each project and issue type (e.g. Bug and New Feature can have different defaults).

{currentdate} macro allows to insert date dynamically into any field. {currentdate+1} inserts one day after, etc. It is an excellent way to set due date, e.g. in 2 days after issue creation.

Please direct bug reports and feature requests to


1. Install Default Values add-on

2. Add the add-on license

3. Define default values


4. Create issue - open "Create Issue" screen and watch default values added automatically.

5. Enjoy fast created issues - open created issue and enjoy. All default values are there.